Farmers in fear

Farmers were living in fear of the unpredictable Tasman fire today as they talked of narrow escapes while worrying about their stock.

Cash to put kai back in Kaipara

The Government has promised a sizable cash injection for rural roads, bridges, waterways and what are called the most versatile soils north of Auckland.

He’s turning a pest into profit

A young New Zealander has created technology that can turn the invasive algae didymo into paper, fabric and bioplastic and it is helping to clean up our waterways. Luke Chivers explains.

Nait users must update details

Nait users must reregister all their locations and ensure their accounts are up to date after a key system upgrade.

The upgrade will help farmers and the industry when using the national animal traceability system, Nait head Kevin Forward said.

SIT to take over Telford

The Southern Instittue of Technology will take over the Telford campus of the Taratahi Agricultural Centre.

Rural sector scares off trainees

Using Landcorp farms in a restructured vocational education training system for the primary industry is one option being considered by the Government.

Exporters alerted

Meat exporters are being put on standby for their access to European and British markets to be carved up as the industry steps up its planning for a no-deal Brexit at the end of next month.

Profits good but risks up

A third year in a row of broad-based profitability is likely for New Zealand agriculture but downside risks are mounting, Rabobank says.

Dairying will be profitable on a farmgate price of $6.25/kg MS, within Fonterra’s range of $6 to $6.30, on record milk production with season-to-date production already up by over 4%, dairy analyst Emma Higgins said in the bank’s latest Outlook.

NZ backs US trade stance

New Zealand is offering a sympathetic ear to American President Donald Trump’s criticisms of the World Trade Organisation.

He is doing his best to pull down global trade’s rule-making body, which, he believes, disadvantages the US both in its rules and its judicial decisions.