New rural podcast starts

A new rural podcast will launch on Friday.

Sarah’s Country will focus on the future of the New Zealand food and fibre sector but with a twist.

Trade deal worries exporters

The devil is very much in the detail of the new multi-billion-dollar United States-China trade deal in terms of its impact on New Zealand agricultural exports.

Climate lessons not good enough

Climate change teaching guidelines designed by the Education Ministry have been heavily criticised by farming leaders for not telling the whole story when it comes to agriculture’s carbon footprint. 

Research and tech push on

In the second of a two part series Richard Rennie reviews progress with some of the science and technology covered in Farmers Weekly’s New Thinking pages over the past two years.

Native trees supply looks tight

The nation’s Billion Trees target by 2028 might be missed by a quarter because of a lack of capacity and resources to meet it.

Young farmers must drive change

Former Young Farmer of the Year Nigel Woodhead played a vital role in creating the new vision for the food and fibre sector released by the Primary Sector Council last year.

QEII covenants near 5000

Privately protected land has grown at the rate of two new QEII covenants a week, former National Trust chief executive Mike Jebson says.

New gas measure already in use

A new system of measuring the impact of individual greenhouse gases on climate change instead of carbon dioxide equivalent has already been incorporated into the Government’s Zero Carbon Bill.