‘Kombucha effluent’ research under way

Usually the preferred beverage for urban hipsters, kombucha may have a new use on the farm, with AgResearch scientists discovering its fermentable properties lend themselves well to making dairy effluent less toxic, if not drinkable. Richard Rennie reports.

No appetite yet for carbon-neutral meat

There appears to be little consumer appetite for buying carbon-neutral red meat, but a researcher says that could change and New Zealand must be ready to respond.

FARMSTRONG: Always a way through

Together with his sharemilkers Theo and Martin Sneek and their staff, Geoff Spark runs a 460ha dairy operation near Oxford. He’s a third-generation farmer and grew up on the family farm in Rangiora, which the family’s still farming after 55 years.

Experts weigh in on dry weather patterns

Farmers and growers around New Zealand looking for rain should dig in for an extended dry period, with little prospect of a shift in weather patterns on the horizon.

Agricultural machinery demand continues

Demand for agricultural machinery and equipment has kicked 2021 off to a fantastic start, the Tractor and Machinery Association of New Zealand (TAMA) says.

NZ, China differences ‘need not define relationship’

The tension between New Zealand and China on human rights and other issues of principles “need not derail” relations between the two countries but “there can be no guarantees”, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says.