Farmer's Voice gives typical farmers the chance to show the care they take as custodians of their animals and land.

Craig Wiggins - Farmer's Voice

Farmers Weekly columnist Craig Wiggins is going around New Zealand to find the real face of farming.

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High value Omega lambs

With consumers demanding more in terms of taste and provenance, New Zealand farmers are seeking out ways to improve the flavour, nutrition and sustainability of the food they produce.

No bull: Bully for beef

Last year Craig Wiggins talked to Robbie Hill on how he turned a by-product of the dairy industry into a viable business operation.

The making of happy cows

2017 Sharefarmers of the Year, Chris and Siobhan O'Malley are set on making happy cows. They say the bond they have with their cows starts with responsible and healthy calf rearing.


Shearing tips from the world title holder

Golden Shears title holder Rowland Smith shows us how to set a comb and cutter to optimise the welfare of the sheep. He gets on the end of the handpiece to demonstrate the low impact of shearing on the sheep.


What it takes to be a world class shearer

Craig Wiggins talks to Rowland Smith about his 12-month highlights. Title holder of Golden Shears, NZ Shears, 8 hour record and becoming a master shearer.



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