Farmer's Voice gives typical farmers the chance to show the care they take as custodians of their animals and land.

Craig Wiggins - Farmer's Voice

Farmers Weekly columnist Craig Wiggins is going around New Zealand to find the real face of farming.

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Sarah Foley-Smith

The primary industry is ever evolving and Sarah Foley-Smith has a great platform at Geraldine Highschool where she is able to combine her passion for teaching and agriculture.


Mental Health

As we all know, farming can be a stressful and isolating job. Rural suicide is a big problem in New Zealand. Wiggy talks to some people whose lives have been changed forever and then explores options out there in the community for those in need and their friends and family.


Part two: Back on stable ground

The Kellys tell Wiggy how they're future-proofing their farm after the devastating Kaikoura earthquake.


Part one: Back on stable ground

Dave and Rebekah Kelly had been through market lows and droughts together, but when the 2016 earthquake hit North Canterbury they faced a scenario that no farmer wants to go through. Farmer's Voice checked in to see how they guts it out and what effects it had on them and their farm.



Buffalo Milk

Twelve percent of the worlds milk is buffalo milk, so even though it's small in New Zealand, the industry is big overseas. Craig caught up with Clevedon Valley Buffalo Company just outside of Auckland to see how they make and distribute their milk, yoghurt and cheese.

Tony White

Farmer's Voice visited Tony White and took a look at a post rammer that was designed on the back of a cigarette packet and is now sold internationally.


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