AginED is born

During New Zealand’s 2020 Covid-19 Lockdown, the teams at Farmers Weekly and AgriHQ (collectively, GlobalHQ) acted quickly to create a resource that could help teachers get much needed learning activities and targeted resources to their students, while everybody was stuck at home.

Knowing that Farmers Weekly is delivered to every rural property in New Zealand for free every week, a page was created in the newspaper dedicated to educating students and young adults about agriculture, horticulture and the primary sector. 

That page is AginED. Now a permanent fixture every week in Farmers Weekly, AginED is a resource endorsed by Horticulture and Agriculture Teachers Association (HATA) and other key partners and currently used by 140 schools around the country.

T59K - Finding the next generation

Each year over 59,000 young people leave school, many with no real understanding of New Zealand’s primary industry, let alone the plethora of fantastic jobs offered under this wide-ranging sector.

AginED, part of GlobalHQ’s wider Primary Pathways Aotearoa umbrella, is on a mission to give young people the opportunity to learn and explore the wonderful possibilities and fantastic lifestyle that agriculture and horticulture can provide.

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On Farm StoryThis week we get a glimpse into ex professional rugby player George Whitelock's farming operation and why he chose to go back to farming.

AgriHQ - Why do some calf rearers choose to accept contracts prior to rearing calves each season and others do not? 

Massey University - What are the implications of urban sprawl on large fresh vegetable production areas like Pukekohe? (located at the southern end of New Zealand's largest city, Auckland). What will happen if houses take precedence over food production? To learn more go to Call to protect productive land 15 April 2021 and Taking stock of our soil: How housing developments are threatening NZ's fertile land



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