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 GlobalHQ is an independent publisher who's the country's most innovative multi-media agri-information hub. We work hard to create valuable content that informs, inspires and entertains. We invest in great people, and are publishers of Farmers Weekly, On Farm Story and Dairy Farmerincluding the AgriHQ suite of data and analysis products, Innovation, collaboration and enterprise are central to everything we do.

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Farmers Weekly

First for farmers 

Farmers Weekly is the leading agricultural publication for farmers.

It’s where we deliver news, advice, inspiration and the latest farm management information in print and online.

We understand farming’s challenges and what it takes to prosper on the land. Farmers know we’ve got their backs. It’s the trusted source for the farming community.

Our award-winning, experienced team of writers and editors makes sure we cover the country from top to bottom, delivering timely news beyond the farmgate and capturing the characters of farming with On Farm Story through our flagship newspaper, Farmers Weekly delivered into approx 78,000 rural households.

Our online hub for what’s happening now in agriculture is farmersweekly.co.nz. It’s where farmers go for live news, information, learning, forums, jobs, real estate, farmers voice, weather and much more.

If you live in town fear not! You can purchase an annual subscription of the Farmers Weekly or view the virtual publication.


On Farm Story

Telling the New Zealand story, one farmer at a time

On Farm Story features characters in agriculture who work to determine their own future, don’t do things by halves and stand out from the crowd. Each week we feature a different farmer - they're interesting and enterprising people, and they live in great locations, each with their own story to tell.

Inspired farmers are chosen by our editorial team from all over the country. The range of stories will include every farming sector: sheep and beef, dairy, forestry, viticulture, horticulture and more.

We tell their story in video, editorial and photos. Delivered via multiple platforms online, and in print.


Dairy Farmer

In the heart of the dairy community

Dairy Farmer is delivered free to every letterbox on dairy farms in New Zealand, that's approximately 25,000 and is bought to you each month by a dedicated team who recognise the importance of the agriculture sector to the country.

Our editors, journalists and contributors really know dairying and have all been involved in farming at a grassroots level. We understand that the dairy sector is the backbone of agriculture in Aotearoa and farmers on the ground every day are at the heart of the industry. The contribution our farmers make to the economy is vital and we believe their stories need to be shared - every farm and farmer is different and every farmer has a story to tell.

Our team is committed to telling the story of dairy farming and aren't afraid to get our gumboots dirty, delivering news, insights and stories of people behind the farm gate. Our content includes insights in science, technology and research and our aim is to inform and inspire kiwis from across the country. 

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The trusted source for primary sector market data

AgriHQ is the leading provider of independent market intelligence, insight, tools and commentary on New Zealand's red meat, livestock and forestry sectors, brought to you by our first-class team of analysts and experts.

AgriHQ offer a range of market reports and services to suit your farming or rural service business. By subscribing to AgriHQ's reports our readers gain insight and an outlook of red meat, livestock and forestry markets covering export markets, local markets, what's happening behind the farm gate and everything in between that might have an influence on prices. 

AgriHQ know data and analysis can be all-consuming so the reports are always designed to be easy to digest and relevant to the reader without compromising the breadth and comprehensive nature of data, analysis and commentary that will leave the end-user feeling better informed.

Get in touch today for more information around our AgriHQ reports.

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