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Saturday April 4, 2020

Sunday April 5, 2020


Farming finds a way

With the arrival of autumn livestock farmers face a critical pinch point from a mix of drought, the closure of sale yards and meat plants operating at about half their capacity.
And uncertainty in international meat and dairy markets as governments introduce virus control measures including the banning venison imports to China as part of controls on wild food.
AgriHQ senior analyst Mel Croad says demand for killing space for cattle, especially cull cows, has tightened earlier than ususal and well before the traditional peak, with some farmers facing a two to three-week delay.


Produce growers seek re-opening

Horticulture industry officials are pushing hard to have fresh produce stores re-open, reducing the risk hundreds of tonnes of fresh vegetables will go to waste as shoppers queue at supermarkets.
Covid-19 rules limi produce sales to supermarkets but the industry faces a ticking clock as short shelf life green vegetable crops continue to come ready for harvest as almost 40% of the produce trade, comprising independent outlets and hospitality trade, is shut.